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CAS ConnectEd Courses

Explore our extensive selection of courses designed specifically for CAS Coordinators, tailored to enhance your skills and effectiveness in guiding students. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of individual topics or seeking a comprehensive approach, you have the flexibility to purchase courses individually or but them in a bundle.

Available Courses

CAS ConnectEd offers numerous courses for CAS Coordinators to help them empower learning and inspire impact within their communities.

Getting Started.png

Getting Started

Is your program mission aligned and how well do you know the course?


Introducing CAS_.png

Introducing CAS?

Explore ways of introducing and inspiring students as they start on their CAS journey.


Turning good to great.png

Turning good to great

Digging in deep and doing
a complete 360 review of
your program.


What is and is not CAS_.png

What is and
is not CAS?

Helping students justify the whats, whys and hows of CAS.


CAS advisors.png

CAS advisors

Create appropriate and valuable experience for support and professional develop for your team.


CAS Interviews.png

CAS Interviews

How to make this an enjoyable experiences for all and help students make the most of it?


Risk Assessment.png

Risk Assessment

Supporting students in understanding the need for RA and how to create them.




Needs and wants, creating a budget that will help advance
your program.




Support for the coordinator so are you well prepared for IB accreditation.


Reflection and Evidence.png

Reflection and Evidence

Review a range of ideas and tools
to support students and their reflections.


How do we monitor portfolios_.png


How do we monitor portfolios? 

Setting expectations, monitoring standards and developing understanding.


IB Subjects and TOK.png


IB Subjects and TOK

Creating meaningful connections with the subjects and TOK.


CAS Learning Outcomes.png

CAS Learning Outcomes

Develop a deeper understanding of learning outcomes and explore different ways to introduce them.


Creating legacy.png


Creating legacy

Making an impactful program,
a CAS culture and experiences that last.


Creating CAS projects.png

Creating CAS projects

Step by step guide to understanding and creating CAS Projects.


Child Safeguarding_.png


Child Safeguarding? 

Educating students to protect themselves and those who they work with.




Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) are an integral part of the CAS experience.


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