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Heidi Oxley-Whitnell,
CAS ConnectED Creator

"I have always been passionate about fostering holistic learning and community engagement."

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Heidi Oxley-Whitnell


Over the last thirty years, I have had a diverse educational background, I have made significant contributions to the field of education. Starting my career as the Head of Physical Education and later excelling as the Vice Principal of Student Life, I now hold the IB CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) Coordinator position in Thailand. Throughout my journey, I have always been passionate about fostering holistic learning and community engagement.

In my current role as the IB CAS Coordinator, my dedication to the program's principles shines through, leaving a profound impact on both students and educators. I take pride in enriching the educational experience and empowering students to become active, responsible, and engaged members of their communities.  I have cultivated an environment where meaningful and impactful CAS experiences flourish, shaping the lives of our students in profound and lasting ways.

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Amanda Molnar


Amanda Molnar is the Chair of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Steering Committee and an IBDP I&S teacher at UWC Thailand in Phuket. Amanda was previously a high school teacher, the Education Technology Manager and a smattering of other things at Green School, Bali. Amanda has a Masters of Education for Change, focusing on Decolonizing International Education, which paired with her experience working in the business world as a Chartered Accountant, gives her a unique perspective on how to teach and learn in the international school context. Her thesis was completed using grounded theory research at Green School Bali and drew deep conclusions on how international schools can better authentically practice DEIB. Amanda firmly believes in the power of community and context in the classroom and has led student-driven projects and dynamic learning on three continents. In her spare time she loves to get out in the ocean and swim relatively long distances (sometimes in formal races) with her friends and spend time with her magical three-year-old daughter.


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